Chicago Tribune – Eczema tougher to treat in black patients

This article was extremely frustrating to read with a huge underlying tone that leads to division. Normally I don’t comment on certain issues, but this article is offensive.

Essentially, this “article” states that African-Americans with eczema require a higher dosage of medicine (don’t believe this) to treat, as opposed to those of European descent. According to their research, African-Americans have an immune profile that is “believed to be” more unbalanced. Eczema is seen as “more severe and difficult to control among black people.” WHAAAAAT?

LAST time I checked eczema is difficult to control for A N Y O N E that has SEVERE eczema! Unlike the “article” eczema doesn’t discriminate. I’ve seen pictures with horrible cases of severe eczema on every race and ethnicity there is. Regardless of your race, severe eczema is difficult to control in general.

Scientists are using molecular skin profiling to develop more effective treatments for eczema. Previous research, however, had only included European Americans with the skin condition, the study authors explained. ~ Study Authors explained

In other words, African-Americans were excluded from the research and studies.

It will also reinforce the importance of racial diversity in clinical research studies for effective treatment” for the skin condition. ~ Allergist Dr. Donald Leung

Gee, thanks!?

There are sooooooooooooooooooooooo many problems and coded language in this article!

  • Black/African-Americans were excluded from studies previously
  • If you are Black/African-American you’ll need a higher dosage of medicine – so basically let’s prescribe and push more pharmaceuticals drugs on a largely marginalized group in Americans EVEN THOUGH we were never included them in the studies to see if the medicine actually benefitted their skin
  •  “Severe and difficult to control among black people” – [sigh] this is the narrative the media pushes CONSTANTLY, except the word eczema was thrown in
  • “Immune profile was more unbalanced in African-Americans” – Why is that?
  • This was the first molecular study to seek out and identify differences that could help doctors understand why eczema is often more severe and difficult to control among black people. – Wow, nice gesture considering African-Americans arrived in 1619

The whole tone of this article is very alienating to those who are Black/African American. Articles like this highlight a reason why many Black/African Americans forego doctor visits or receiving medical attention…until it’s too late. With discriminatory practices, misdiagnosed conditions, pushing pharmaceutical medicine, lack of finances and so much more. Instead, they seek alternative methods or neglect their issues, such as eczema altogether.

The only positive take away is that they are now starting to become inclusive in clinical research.


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