Canadian Olympian Brigette Lacquette, Sought Refuge in Hockey While Enduring Eczema

As the Olympics are underway in Pyeongchang, South Korea, the stories of the talented athletes are always galvanizing.

Brigette Lacquette’s story stood out in particular as she faced multiple adversities, but didn’t let this stop her journey to the 2018 olympics.

Making history, Brigette Lacquette is the first First Nations woman to be a part of the Women’s Canadian Olympic Hockey team. Although she tried out in Sochi, she didn’t make the cut.

During her youth Brigette’s talent didn’t go unnoticed as her father recalls, “‘This couple was sitting beside Anita and they said: ‘Look at that little girl. Look at how smart she is. Look how she knows what to do and knows exactly where to be!”

Brigette also dealt with severe eczema in her youth.

She had eczema at a young age. It was pretty bad. It flared up quite often. When you’re sitting in class, it would get itchy, and she’d sweat and it would get itchy. It wasn’t a really good thing.

When she got onto the ice, she was able to hide her arms and scars and everything with her hockey equipment and she felt like she was just another person out there.…

It was definitely a challenge she had to overcome. ~ Terrance Lacquette (Brigette’s father)

In addition to dealing with eczema, she had to face racism.

Dirty Indian. Go back to the reserve

In spite of her eczema and racist taunts, she persevered, broke records, opened doors for the First Nations community and can now proudly represent Canada in the 2018 Olympics.

Goes to show you that anything is possible and you should never let your eczema hold you back!

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