Can These New Drugs Cure Eczema?

Cure Eczema?

Anytime I read about a “cure” or new drug for eczema I’m extremely skeptical. Trust me, I want to find a cure as badly as Donald Trump wants to be president. Is it going to happen? Who knows. But in the meantime, I usually take everything with a grain of salt.

For 25 years, (since I was two) the same news about eczema is recycled and packaged up in a bow to give us hope. It reminds me of this…

Sadly, it never seems to get us anywhere. Everyone that suffers from eczema has the basics down. In fact, we know them so well we could probably recite them in foreign languages.

During my recent research, there were three articles that caught my eye. Below I will break them down.

Yale researchers beat untreatable eczema with arthritis drug
Who: Yale Researchers
What about these Yale Researchers: Used a rheumatoid arthritis drug on patients
And? Apparently this was successful in helping eczema, vitiligo and alopecia areata.
How does it work? Eczema/PsoriasisTofacitinib citrate (find in the arthritis drug) interrupts the immune response. This happens to be the cause eczema.
Alopecia AreataIt also, regrows hair in patients with autoimmune-related form
And the results?? Significant reduction in itching. Better Sleep. Redness/thickening reduced. Overall relief.
The Take Away – This new drug could be a game changer but further research is needed to confirm if it works long-term.

Drug Company Soars More Than 1000% In Just Two Days
Who: Aquinox Pharmaceuticals Inc. – A drug development company
The 411: While there’s not too much information in this article. They have a drug called AQX-1125 that may be helpful for eczema suffers. Tested 50 patients for research efforts.
The Take Away – Stay tuned. We will know by the end of this year.

Novel Eczema Drug Giving Patients New Lease On Life

 “It was almost this feeling of impending doom. You feel it. You feel this heat coming on and you feel that your body is about to flip – Neal Patel, a 26 year old New Jersey Medical Student

Who: Dupilumab
What is that: Weekly injection blocking proteins
How does it work: The injections treat the root of the problem and NOT SYMPTOMS. It prevents skin from becoming cracked, dry and inflamed. It targets specific skin molecules. Creating a stronger skin barrier and improving immune abnormalities.
The Takeaway: Caught the attention of the FDA as a “breakthrough therapy” and a promising drug. This study also confirms that eczema truly is an autoimmune disorder. This is still being tested. Could be available as soon as 2017. So far no reported side effects (this however could change).

*Neal Patel – A medical student who has had really bad flare-ups and has had eczema since birth. It wasn’t until a recent study session where he started to feel his skin becoming itching. His history with eczema includes cuts that bloodied his sheets, wearing silk garments and finding showering and exercise painful. His skin was in such bad shape he decided to take a year off from school to participate in the clinical trial. Previously, he’s taken corticosteroids and cyclosporine immunosuppressant pills. These have heavy side effects. After getting dupilumab shots he said his skin became stronger and it has changed his life. You can read more about him at the source. 

Bottom line is I guess we will just have to wait and see! In the meantime, best of luck to everyone on their journey for finding a cure! 

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