Camp Wonder 2020: June 13-19

Each year, children with chronic and life-threatening skin diseases from around the country take a break from being a patient for a week and focus on just being a kid. Camp Wonder is a special place free of judgement and stares! We create an environment of acceptance and support to empower the children to be themselves. ~ Camp Wonder

Camp Wonder is a dream come true for skin sufferers. This camp is designed for children with chronic and life-threatening skin diseases. A mecca where children won’t be judged by their skin because it is an even playing field. A place where children can gain confidence and know that they aren’t the only ones suffering from a skin disease. A place where risks shall be taken. A place where children feel normal and gain a sense of community.

Ready for the best part? It’s free! Let me retype that. It’s FREE!! All costs are covered. Even your flight. No, I’m not making this up. It sounds bizarre as we live in a world where you have to pay for air rights. However, it really is free thanks to sponsors and donors.

Not only is it for a great cause, but it is extremely beneficial to parents who shell out a ton of money for medical treatment. 


“And I think to myself…What a WONDERful world” – Good things do happen! 

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