Botanix Raises $40M for cannibanoid-based skin-disease treatment

“This has created an opportunity for the company to further understand the applications of cannabinoids in skin diseases,” Ippolito said. “The support from leading U.S. institutional investors with significant dermatology and pharmaceuticals experience enables Botanix to advance to the next level.”

Botanix Pharmaceuticals is an Australian based company founded in 2002, by Matthew Callahan. This Australian based company’s mission is to improve skin health for suffering patients.

Currently, they’re mainly focused on treating acne and atopic dermatitis (eczema), as they are extremely common. However, they are investing in other serious skin conditions, and have a few projects in the works.

After receiving a $40M, the company states their plans are to move forward with cannabinoid-based dermatology products in clinical development. While they are in the mid-stages of testing these therapies, the money will also be allocated to start clinical studies of its first antimicrobial.

The researchers will focus on cannabidiol which is the active ingredient found in cannabis that doesn’t produce the “high.”

Personally, I’m interested in seeing what this new antimicrobial drug is and how effective it will be towards eczema.


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