Bizarre Beauty Trends

Bizarre Beauty Trends

Beauty companies market all different kinds of trends for us to follow. Some are pretty reasonable and some are down right silly or bizarre. Take a look at these beauty trends. Which one would you try??

*Freck Yourself* – Remi Brixton is the founder of Freck Yourself. She invented a cosmetic product that can give anyone natural freckles! The product provides smudge free freckles for 48 hours. The freckles spread out after you apply them over time to give that natural look. Her inspiration was her love of freckles of course.

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*Sensory Deprivation Therapy* – This is very popular amongst athletes. Sensory deprivation therapy is a tank filled with epsom salt water that is said to have a lot of benefits. Some benefits include: stress relief, smooth skin, stimulation, spirituality awareness and best of all helpful for people with eczema and psoriasis! I’ve actually never heard of this until recently, depending on the price I may have to try this out. Although, I kind of do this already (minus the heavy price tag).


*Oil Pulling* – An ancient Ayurvedi technique to draw toxins out of your body, improve health and have whiter teeth. So this consists of having an empty stomach, taking a tablespoon of coconut oil (in the solid form) and swooshing it around your mouth for 20 minutes. Then spitting it out. Its important to note that the solid coconut oil will turn into liquid within those 20 minutes. Also, there is no need to swoosh the oil around harshly (like mouthwash) because it is delicate. Just make sure not to swallow.

Source – <– Check out this website for a step by step guide on oil pulling.

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