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I’ve been doing a lot of research on gut health and happened to stumble across the Gut Report Kit. Before we get into what this kit is, let’s talk about the company BIOHM.

Dr. Ghannoum is a scientist who coined the term Mycobiome, the fungal community in our body. He also recently discovered that bacteria and fungi work together creating a digestive plague in the gut. This could be the key to understanding digestive health issues.

Last year, Dr. Ghannoum and his son launched BIOHM, which focuses on fungi. They consider this plays a HUGE role in digestive health. Their theory is that probiotics on the shelf help partially, but largely ignore the fungus along with the bacteria.

BIOHM products target microbial balance in the gut by breaking down digestive plaque. It then, deploying 30 billion live cultures of good bacteria and fungus into the gut.

Hmmmm, seems very plausible.

Now onto the Gut Report Kit!

This kit measures the important bacteria and fungal levels in your gut. They do this by collecting a sample, that gets mailed back for lab testing. After, it compares the results of your gut health to normal gut levels. Your results come via email with a complete comprehensive report. Also, you’re given the option for a curated recommendations from BIOHM’s microbiome-trained Registered Nutritionists.

I’m not sure who their target audience is for this kit, but it’s a very interesting concept and they’ve received great reviews for their pre/probiotics.


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