Be Aware – Electronic Devices May Be Causing Skin Rashes

There have been multiple articles stating that anytime you travel, the remote control is often the most germ-filled item in the room. Even beating out the toilets. Perhaps this is due to remote controls, rarely getting a thorough cleaning. Although this may still reign true, we have bigger fish to fry.

In particular our electronic devices. And let’s face it, most of us are addicted to them. With terms such as nomophobia and digital addict, we’ve built an intimate relationship with them. The first thing we look at before we go to bed usually is some sort of screen. And the first thing we wake up to us our alarms on our phones. With all this being said, these electronic devices could be adding to your skin conditions or causing some out of the blue.

A new study shows that nickel which can be found in some of our devices may be causing our skin to break out into rashes. Or be a contributing factor to making our existing rashes worse. Due to nickel comprised in an iPad, one 11-year-old hospitalized with a body rash.

For some people, nickel may not cause any harm, but if you notice your skin has been itchier lately – you may want to take a look at your devices, and/or get tested. Especially because nickel allergies are becoming more and more common.

In addition to nickel allergies, it is important to always sanitize your electronic devices and germs to linger. Each piece should be wiped down daily at most and a few times a week minimally.

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