Bacteria from someone else’s skin, may tame [eczema]

This potential treatment is really interesting because it doesn’t involve using medication and may be less expensive, says Fowler.

Fast facts:

  • Researchers applied health live bacteria onto the skin of those with eczema.
  • Once the healthy bacteria known as Roseomonas mucosa bacteria was applied, eczema symptoms decrease
  • Results are strongly in favor of this method being effective on eczema patients
  • Eczema doesn’t retain water well, this allows bad bacteria to fester into the body causing breakouts and inflammation
  • Having eczema is linked to other allergic conditions – hay fever, asthma
  • About half of those with eczema from childhood outgrow it by the time their adults
  • Women are more prone to eczema then men

“We’re already seeing strong results with one species of one bacterium. [The therapy] is only going to get more nuanced and more refined.”

  • The author of this article Christina Yu didn’t experience eczema until college
  • From that point on she had eczema off and on for ten years
  • Humidity and sweat makes triggers her eczema making it hard for her to exercise
  • Of all the ‘treatments’ she’s hasn’t found one that gets to the root of her problem
  • People with eczema have a large about of Staphylococcus aureus on their skin

“Bacteria on the skin tend to live in harmony. For people with eczema, however, the bacteria tends to get out of whack and out of balance,” Fowler said.

  • The ecosystem of bacteria plays a role in the formation of skin conditions
  • One of the goals is to restore the good and bad skin microbiome to short-circuit the body’s immune system
  • It could take several years for this treatment to become available

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