Allure | A Dermatologist’s Entire Routine…

I just wash my face with room temperature water, to wake myself up. No soap, because I’ve taken care of my skin the night before. So you don’t want to just get rid of all the natural oils your skins producing. It’s going to make your skin drier overall ~ Dr. Shereene Idriss

There are a lot of gems packed into this fifteen-minute video on Allure’s YouTube. Dr. Shereene Idriss aka “The Pillowtalk Dermatologist” is a Manhattan Dermatologist. Her practice is located in Union Square and in this segment she walks us through 24-hours of her daily routine.

It’s always refreshing to get an inside peek at how medical professionals live their lives, thanks to the help of social media. I believe that the “fourth wall” is finally coming down in the medical world.

What I love most about this video is that Dr. Shereene provides very practical and helpful tips when it comes to skincare. Additional, she’s very open and honest about the ins and outs on what her day to day life is like. She talks about certain procedures she performs such as laser treatments, light fraxel laser, tightening treatments, botox, and fillers.

One unique trait that makes her stand out is her #pillowtalk stories she does on Instagram. She answers questions while laying in her pj’s in bed.

Check it out…


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