Aladin’s Princess Jasmine Actress Naomi Scott Discusses Her Eczema

It’s very inspiring when public figures discuss their eczema, especially when they work in an image-conscious industry such as Hollywood.

Teen Vogue writer, Rebecca Dancer, did an exceptional job interviewing British actress Naomi Scott who plays Jasmine in Aladdin. Scott reveals that she has severe eczema and at times uses make-up to cover it. Like many, she has battle scars and marks from the torturous condition.

One take away is that Scott has come into her own, and started embracing her eczema on the press tours. I find this admirable as people are so quick to judge.

These stories are important for young kids to see, and I hope they realize that eczema should never hold you back from pursuing your dreams!

Who knows, maybe Hollywood’s next move should be to incorporate a few characters with skin conditions. (wink wink).


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