Aizome – Bedding for Better Sleep & Health Skin


New Product Launch Alert!

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Sleeping organic means sleeping better and healthier. Just as with our food, we should care about chemicals with the textiles that touch our skin. This is as much for our well-being as it is for the environment ~

Based in Japan, Aizome is comprised of a panel of experts in the healthcare, dermatology, textile, quality control and fashion and design industries.

Aizome wants to disrupt the bedding industry, and in particular bad sleeping environments. A good night’s sleep doesn’t come easy for most. What a lot of people fail to notice is that it’s because of your bedding.

With a countdown to their launch with indigogo, their bedsheets are certified organic, made with natural indigofera and cotton. Curated for those with skin conditions, these sheets are anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and designed to regulate body temperature.

The campaign goes live April 18th, check it out and watch this company grow.


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