A Photographer Is Documenting the Realities of Living With Skin Conditions | SELF

The more models people see with different complexions, the more normal skin conditions will become. ~ Peter DeVito

In honor of Fashion Week kicking off today, I’d like to highlight a remarkable photographer named PJ DeVito.


In his youth, Peter displayed artistic talent which has helped him developed into the artist he is today.

He’s an FIT student who’s raising awareness for those with skin conditions through his photography. His mission is to normalize and celebrate skin conditions. Stemming from a series of selfies, Peter took close-ups of his face, which included acne. As he states that acne is completely normal and shouldn’t be covered up, retouched or photoshopped.

The models included in his latest project have albinism, vitiligo, freckles, and birthmarks. He searched Instagram and modeling agencies, scouting for skin conditions as well as diversity and it surely paid off.

In addition, each model has a hurtful saying they’ve received from others, for their skin condition.



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Insta – https://www.instagram.com/peterdevito/
Peter DeVito – https://www.peterdevito.com/about

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