9 Year-Old w/ Rare Disease Has Engineered Skin Covering 80% of his body


A soccer loving 9 year-old suffers from junctional epidermolysis bullosa which was said to be fatal in his early years of life.

Fortunately, he’d outlived the disease when doctors thought he was close to death.

German and Italian doctors developed a strategy they felt would help tackle his condition, by using his healthy skin cells. They then used a virus to invade the cells correcting the mutated gene. This helped culture correct cells on natural occurring adhesive. Once the healthy cells were mutated and formed they applied this to his skin.

After two years with his new layer of skin, the 9 year-old lives an active healthy and normal life. His skin is able to bruise and heal normally, and he doesn’t take drugs or need daily ointment to preserve his new skin.

*Question – Could this work for eczema?

Source: http://beta.latimes.com/science/sciencenow/la-sci-sn-engineered-skin-epidermis-20171108-story.html


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