9-Year-Old Bullied Due To Eczema

Nomonde a 9-year-old girl from Ermelo, South Africa, who was bullied in 3rd grade due to her skin condition eczema. Since her eczema is so severe and prone to flare-ups, Nomonde can’t have pets or play in the sand with other children.

I am called hurtful names which make me no longer want to attend school. ~ she said.

A typical day for Nomonde could be filled with outside triggers such as the school’s carpet, outdoor events, and even the school work itself. Although Nomonde isn’t the only one in her family with eczema as her sibling have the skin condition as well.

My daughter and her siblings were born with eczema but we only found out she was bullied last year, when she was in Grade 3. She was struggling. Thank God, a GP in Ermelo informed us about a dermatologist in Witbank. We immediately took our kids for further tests and got medication. Since then there has been a huge improvement in my children’s skin, and Nomonde’s self-esteem has grown daily. ~ Carol, Nomonde’s Mom stated.

People with eczema face discrimination every day with large misconceptions that the skin condition is contagious. Additionally, dealing with the condition take a toll on mental health.

If your child is suffering from eczema it’s important for them to not be defined by it taking over their identity. Additionally, it’s best to understand and tackle eczema triggers right way.

Source: https://www.health24.com/Medical/Skin/Eczema/nine-year-old-tells-of-bullying-because-of-eczema-20181116

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