9 Stores For Sensitive Skin

9 Stores for Sensitive Skin

I like to consider myself a moisturizeaholic. I am CONSTANTLY slathering products on my skin as it requires a lot of attention. So this means I visit stores a few times a week. Normally, a tube or bottle of lotion would last a few months for some people. For me, I could go through a bottle of lotion within a week. So I decided to list my top 9 goto stores. 

Target // Target or Tar-jay as some like to call it is where you can find me multiple times a week. I dunno if it’s the red balls out front or the lure of the red bullseye but I’m always there. I absolutely love the layout. They have huge aisles and well lit sections for beauty/cosmetics. In addition, I take a stroll down the baby aisles because sometimes I use baby products that are good for my skin. They carry a lot of different lines so its a great way to test out new products.

CVS // Convenience, Value, and Service and thats exactly what it is. CVS is everywhere (minus six states) so when I need to grab something quick its my goto. Plus lots of coupons. I love a good coupon or five!

Trader Joe’s // This store hands down is probably the most customer friendly store out there. They have EXCELLENT customer service and by far surpasses any store or company for that matter. I am always greeted by friendly smiling face where the employees are willing to help. Trader Joe’s creates a lot of their products including skin care. One of their best products I use now is the tea tree tingle body wash. It doesn’t contain sulfates, isn’t tested on animals and uses certified organic ingredients. In addition, I use their Nourish oil-free antioxidant facial moisturizer (I have combination skin on my face so its tricky) and their head to toe balm. I keep this in my purse because its great for lips, chapped hands, elbows, knees, heels etc. The best part is that it doesn’t leave a greasy residue.

Costco // Bulk. Costco is incredible for purchasing in bulk. This is where I get cetaphil and any other products in large quantities. Great for stocking up vitamins too.

Amazon // Amazon is a great place for discovering new beauty products. Sometimes I use Amazon when I want to purchase a few different products that I find cheaper on amazon then I do in the store. Its also great for buying tea in bulk too. (Tea is great for skin) 

Harmon Discount // This store is only located in select places, but it has a great selection of beauty products. The best part is that I can use my Bed Bath and Beyond coupons (including the ones that expired) at this store. Its also has a lot of small travel sized items such a cocoa butter. If you do happen to have one near you, I recommend you check it out.

Whole Foods // I love Whole Foods! It can be quite expensive hence the nickname Whole Paycheck. That being said I shop here sparingly because they have a fabulous section of beauty products. What I love most is that they feature a lot of natural and organic brands I’ve never heard of. Sometimes they carry products from local boutiques. What I really love is that they have a lot of tester products. A lot of stores don’t have this, is to me thats HUGE. I usually like to test something on my skin to make sure it doesn’t start to break out right away. So every once in a while, I’ll stop buy and purchase something new.

Sephora // I usually go there for makeup but they carry a huge line of beauty products. They also have testers ready and available. A bonus – If you like product you can ask the staff for a sample of it.

Kiehls // The first time I went to Kiehls I bought their chapstick which is incredible. The store itself is so beautiful and I love the history that comes with it. I don’t shop here that often but when I do I always find incredible things. Plus they have a pretty badass CEO!!

*I would love a store solely dedicated to selling products for people suffering from skin conditions and disease! Maybe in the future…

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