7 Workouts Messing With Your Skin

This is a great article from The Greatist that highlights problem skin when working out and gives solutions.

Problem – A cluster of acne. This occurs when dead skin, dirt and oil get trapped.
Solution – Shower immediately after exercising, to prevent build up. Use products with retinoid or salicylic acid. If you can’t shower right away, carry cleansing cloths. Key –  remove the dead skin, dirt and oil ASAP. 

Problem – Forehead Breakout – which can be caused by hats, headbands and hair products due to friction.
Solutions – Forgo the headgear. Remove makeup, and use cleansing cloths. Key – Avoid anything that will cause buildup to your forehead. 

Problem – Dry Skin – can be cause by showering too much with hot water stripping the natural oils. Swimmers can be effected by this.
Solution – Shortening showing time to 10 minutes or less. Also, use warm/cold water instead of piping hot. Most importantly, moisturize! Key – you want to keep the barrier functioning and moisture levels balanced. 

Problem – Sun Damage – happens a lot with excessive outdoor activities/exercise: runners, bikers, hikers. Prolong UV damage leads to aging skin, breaking down collagen and elastins causing fine lines and wrinkles.
Solution – Sunscreen/Sunblock with a SPF 30 or more. Key – protect your skin at all costs

Problem – Chafing – caused by friction. Usually happens in the Summer.
Solution – Keep the skin cool and dry, by avoiding moist clothing for prolonged periods. Make sure to wear breathable fabrics, and skip cotton. Key – reduce friction and keep area cool and dry. 

Problem – Pigmentation – such as rosacea or  melasma. This is red, inflamed skin around the face that is irritated.
Solution – Keep and cool cloth, to help avoid drastic changes in body temperature. Key – keep the face from overheating which causes the flare-ups.  

Problem – Eczema which can be exacerbated by sweat when working out. Making the rash more visible and uncomfortable.
Solution – Moisturize! As the skin lacks important proteins that lock in moisture to add as a a protective barrier. Make sure to stay about from fragrances and moisture post shower with ingredient such as glycerin, ceramides or hyaluroonic acid.

Source – https://greatist.com/live/skin-care-exercise-related-skin-issues-and-solutions

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