7 Skin-Soothing Vacations for Psoriasis

7 Skin-Soothing Vacations for Psoriasis
7 Skin-Soothing Vacations for Psoriasis

If you suffer from psoriasis (or eczema), Beth W. Orenstein wrote about and MD Niya Jones approved of 7 awesome places for you to ease your skin.

The Dead Sea – Although its named dead sea, fear not because the unique light exposure and salt make your skin come alive. Studies have shown people with psoriasis state it improves their skin.


The Blue Lagoon – You’re probably thinking of the movie. But The Blue Lagoon located in Iceland is another special destination for psoriasis treatment. An outpatient clinic was open for psoriasis sufferers. After applying skin-care products for your psoriasis you will bath in the lagoon’s mineral-rich geothermal seawater and be exposed to ultraviolet light therapy. The stay is 2-4 weeks


Avéne Spa Center – Psoriasis treatment includes; mineral baths and sprays from a thermal spring, underwater massages and emollient-rich body wraps. Located in the South of France and open from April-October, they offer a 21-day program.


La Roche Posay Spa – Were not done with France just yet! At this spa, which is open to children as well as adults you can stay for three weeks. Expect mineral baths, showers, drinking pure water, detoxification and lots of sun.


Soap Lake – Don’t let the name fool ya. Located in Washington, is not technically a ‘psoriasis spa’, but many go to help treat their skin. The dates are June to August and the temperature is a beautiful 80-90 degrees. You can soak in the lake water (lots of minerals) and apply mudpacks.


Mavena Derma Center-

Near Chicago, this spa offers balneo-phototherapy treatment. This combines soaking in brine (like a turkey) and narrow-band UVB light. Brine is made up of high content of salt and magnesium. This includes multiple treatments but patients have seen results.


Manitou Beach – This is probably one of the oldest spa treatment centers as it has been around since 1900s, located in Saskatchewan, Canada. Its underground springs have a high mineral content thats therapeutic.


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