7 must know facts for eczema

7 Must Know Facts For Eczema
7 Must Know Facts For Eczema

1. Eczema is….

Yes that correct… eczema is extremely popular!!! about 31.7 million Americans have it.

2. One of the causes is the alternation of skin. Our skin allows water to escape and environmental allergens to enter.

3. We all know Scratching makes it worse!! Try not to do it.

4. The environment plays a huge part in why our skin is so itchy. And for some reason I feel like I live in the mecca of itchiness!

5. Fragrance free is the way to go!

6. Consult Consult Consult and Dermatologist

7. Don’t misuse your medication. Having Eczema in the US is very expensive!!!

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