6 Low to No-Sweat Workouts If You Have Eczema

Eczema can be brutally painful when your exercising. In fact, the very thing that’s supposed to be helpful while exercising (sweat) to cool you down, can trigger your inflammation. Which may cause you to avoid exercising altogether.

As we know exercising is phenomenal for your health both physical and mental. So instead of letting these flare-ups stop us, we can adjust. Here are 5 low to no-sweat workouts for anyone with eczema.

  1. Walking – Unless it’s a sweltering hot day or you’re in a power walking competition, this is one of the best exercises for low to no sweat. Walking is phenomenal for your skin because it keeps the blood flowing and releases stress. It’s also said to be a mood booster. Best of all, walking is easy.
  2. Low Impact Strength Training – Slow controlled movements are great for targeting that problem area. In addition, this highly reduces the risk of injury and/or muscle soreness. When you’re able to workout at your own pace, you can regulate your sweat factor a bit better. If your skin is becoming too hot, you can always rest and then start again but it cools down. Quick low impact reps are a great way to build muscle while limiting excessive sweating.
  3. Yoga/Pilates/Barre Method – In this particular situation, you’d have to avoid hot yoga and certain types of barre and pilates classes. Preferably the ones that incorporate intense cardio. However, as someone that has done all three, I can attest that while I did get sweaty, it wasn’t excessive pools of sweat. In each class, they always allow for water and towel breaks. Or they allow for child’s pose and stretching to cool down the body, which really does make a difference.
  4. Resistance Bands – This is such a great way to build strength while getting in a quick workout. One thing about resistance bands is that it’s very adaptable to your fitness level. The bands come in many different sizes and unless you’re following a class, you control the movement and pace. It’s such a great effective workout.
  5. Swimming / Water Workouts (Only If your skin can handle the chlorine or salt water) – Swimming and water exercises are truly remarkable for your body. While working out, the water acts as a buffer for your body weight which is great for joints and muscles. If possible, it’s best to swim in cold water as it has many benefits such as boosting your immune system and better circulation.  Another great perk is that it increases flexibility and is a full body workout as you’re utilizing each muscle while you swim.
  6. Tai Chi – Commonly found in the older generation, tai chi is a low impact stress-free exercise that’s great for little to no sweating. This particular style of martial arts is dubbed ‘meditation in motion’ and focuses on balance, flexibility, and strength.


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