5 Signs You Have A Skin Condition

5 Signs You Have A Skin Condition
5 Signs You Have A Skin Condition

They say having safe skin is extremely important for your overall health. Yet, many ignore the signs and symptoms when their skin doesn’t look right. It could be due to fear, embarrassment or just lack of knowledge. Here are 5 signs you should look out for that could be a skin condition.

1. Rub a dub dub, ever get extra red bumps shaving in the tub? Its common to have bumps after shaving, but make sure its not something more like rosacea. If your bumps aren’t going after, these can leave permanent damage if not taken care of. 

2. It can be a sin, if you have a family history of dry skin! Does dry skin run in your family? If so, no bueno. This could mean you have a predisposed history of eczema or another chronic skin condition. In addition, if allergies run in your family, this could affect your skin.

3. If your sad you can’t get rid of your scab, this may be a problem. If your scab is not healing, it could mean you have something seriously wrong. You should contact your doctor as this could be a skin of skin cancer.

4. Trying new products causes your skin to react, as if it were under attack! It may be time to stick to the basics, as this is a sign your skin is extremely sensitive. Your skins reaction is damaging and leaves it open for excessive exposure to harmful things. Make sure to protect your skin and stick to the basics.

5. Cluster of blisters is a sign, that something on your skin is not in line. This could be a sign of shingles an EXTREMELY painful viral condition. Usually found in older adults, but can happen to anyone.

PLEASE be sure to check your skin for anything that seems out of the ordinary. Even if its small, its better to be safe than sorry!

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