5 Motivational Spring Cleaning Videos

SPRING IS COMING! It’s officially time to tidy up! No, that doesn’t mean you have to follow Marie Kondo’s method. Although, it’s pretty legit.

While I absolutely love love love Spring, (my second favorite season after Fall, of course) my skin tends to break out at the slightest change in the weather.

So this year I’m making it a priority to be prepared. I will no longer put this task off and will be tackling it within the next few weeks.

In order to get started, I searched for some Spring cleaning inspirational videos to see if there are any help tips and tricks. Here are five videos I’ve found to be most helpful:

Spring Cleaning Deep – Theodore Leaf

Theodore purchased Martha Stewart’s Home Keeping Handbook as a Spring Cleaning guide. He talks about cleaning the refrigerator coil, something that I’m sure 99% of us don’t do. By cleaning the coil your refrigerator will run more efficiently.

5 Days of Spring Cleaning with Lucie Fink | Refinery29

I love watching anything Refinery29 as I love their content, but this particular video from 2018 was pretty helpful. Lucie inspiration stems from The Happiness Project’s theory saying Outer Order Contributes to Inner Calm. She splits her cleaning by doing a section a day, starting with her bedroom clutter, then moving over to her closets and donating a good portion of her clothes. Later throughout the week, she tackles her workspace.

27 Easy Hacks To Clean Your Entire House – Buzzfeed Nifty

This whole video is goals!

My Secrets For An Amazing Smelling Home – MissLizHeart

This is a great video for aromas around the house once you’ve finished cleaning. Liz incorporates citrus, herbs, and extracts to make pot simmers. She also makes an easy DIY fabreeze spray that she uses for linens and curtains, that I will certainly be trying.

Spring Cleaning Tip List – The Drs.

Eric Stromer stresses the importance of air quality deteriorating in the winter, causing lots of toxins. From dust mites to pollen, it’s important to always wear a mask when dealing with air ducts and filters.

2 thoughts on “5 Motivational Spring Cleaning Videos

  1. All I can say is WOW! Watching a spring cleaning video is so much better than reading cleaning list ideas. This was so helpful. I can totally agree my house feels so stuffy after a winter of staying in the majority of the time. I always love to start spring cleaning off with professional upholstery cleaning to keep the dust and mites off my upholstery. I never realized how nasty your couches get from sitting on them all the time. Always helps my home feel fresh and makes me want to clean everything else to match.

    1. Hi Lindsay,

      I agree that in the winter always brings out the stuffy air. I’ll have to check out upholstery cleaning, sounds like a great company. Thanks for the recommendation. : )

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