5 Healthy Detox Soups

According to the news, this is the WORST flu and cold season we’ve had in a long time. And being the trendy person that i am, I came down with the flu myself. It was BRUTAL. I highly recommend you take extra precautions everywhere you go.

  • Sanitize your hands often and use wipes if you’re going to be in public.
  • Watch out for people constantly coughing without covering their mouths or sneezing.
  • Just do everything in your power to avoid getting sick, because sadly a few people have died from catching pneumonia while having the flu.

While recovering I decided to look up healthy soup recipes and I came across detox soup. Besides the fact that it looks absolutely amazing, here are 5 delicious soup recipes that I will be trying out within the next few weeks.

Clean and Delicious – https://cleananddelicious.com/2018/01/12/green-detox-soup/

HBFIT – http://hbfit.com/hbfit-fave-detox-soup/

Molly Sims – https://www.mollysims.com/blog/uncategorized/skinny-detox-soup?rq=soup

Healthnut Nutrition – http://www.healthnutnutrition.ca/2017/01/15/ultimate-detox-soup/

Activated Living – http://activatedliving.us/blog/raw-detox-soup/

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