5 Days of Thankfulness (Eczema Edition) – The Eczema Community

Growing up, the closest I’d come to meeting someone with eczema was staring at an awful picture in the dermatologist office, hanging on the wall. You know, not an actual person of course, but that graphic picture where they show the layers of skin affected.

As the years went by and technology became more innovative, something changed. The internet started taking off. It wasn’t until I used Internet Explorer or maybe it was Ask Jeeves about eczema (yes, this was pre-google) that I saw actual people with the condition.

Fast forward to a few years later and we were introduced to social media. THANK GOODNESS. If it wasn’t for social media I would have never known someone from Australia also suffered from eczema. Not only Australia but in Mexico, India, Russia, UK, France etc. It was jarring. I truly had no idea that eczema was a worldwide problem. When in fact eczema is as popular as ever.

With that being said, we hands-down have the best community.

A community where everyone is open and honest about their struggles and not judgmental for the way you go about receiving treatment. A community that is supportive of eastern and western medicine. A community that’s always producing small and large business owners who’ve created their own creams. A community that is so alive and wants to be heard.

To everyone in the eczema community – THANK YOU. Keep talking, keep innovating, keep inspiring and most importantly keep the passion alive.

When it comes to the eczema community we are truly BLESSED.

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