5 Days of Thankfulness (Eczema Edition) Day 4 – Self Advocacy

If I didn’t have eczema or a serious skin condition the likelihood of me stepping inside a dermatologists office is probably slim to none. Even though it’s recommended to visit a dermatologist once a year for cancer screenings. I would have let this particular check-up go by the wayside.

Since this has not been the case for me, I’ve always considered my dermatology visits like a second home. A luxurious one at that. And as we know, whenever you dish out money for something luxurious – you want to make sure you’ve been given the best services possible.

It’s taken myself a long time to really get it through my head but, if you have eczema establish a trusted network of physicians. I repeat – E S T A B L I S H a trusted network of physicians. I have the utmost respect for physicians and their practice. I believe they followed their calling in life to help others and it’s truly a blessing. With that said, I’ve had some dismissive dermatologists as well. Sadly, I would go back time and time again to them because I was vulnerable and desperate for my skin to clear. This continued until I couldn’t take it any longer.

This is where self-advocacy comes in. If you are not satisfied with something SPEAK UP. You should question EVERYTHING. If I’m paying for a luxury resort and end up a Motel 6…something clearly isn’t right. So I started taking eczema into my own hands.

When people hear the word self-advocacy they IMMEDIATELY label it as someone who’s unruly, which couldn’t be further from the truth. When I think of self-advocacy I think of improving my quality of life. It’s as simple as that.

Take control of your life, take control of your health, and speak up for yourself. Be your own self-advocate.

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