5 Days of Thankfulness (Eczema Edition) Day 3 – High Pain Tolerance

Ever take a shower where the water feels like acid burning your open sores? Or scratch your skin to the point of your pigmentation falling off? What about waking up in a pile of oozy pus, blood, and shredded skin? Check, check, and check!

Eczema is no joke. Although this is a weird one, dealing with eczema means dealing with a constant state of chronic pain and/or discomfort. So why in the world would I be thankful for that?

While I wouldn’t wish eczema on an enemy, I’ve tried to look at it through a different lens. Dealing with constant pain made me open to seeking different solutions. I’ve developed a knack for research. In particular, researching different methods to dissolve my pain or help find solutions for friends and family when it comes to their pain.

Having a high pain tolerance has also led me to discover calming coping mechanisms. When I’m going through a severe flare-up, sleepless night, or anxiety I know the most important thing to do before all else, is to calm my body down. This might mean staying home, regulating my body temperature, or eliminating all stress.

Understanding expectations when it comes to pain has been beneficial and I’m grateful for that.

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