5 Days of Thankfulness (Eczema Edition) Day 2 – Humorous

The second day of thankfulness – H U M O R O U S

One thing I’ve noticed about people who’ve battled eczema for a long time is their humor. From attending conferences, and events to reading books, blogs, forums, and memes – I cannot emphasize how truly hilarious the eczema community is. The beauty in this humor is that it transcends throughout the world.

In philosophical terms, this stems from the incongruity theory of humor. Meaning, when something is so outlandish and bizarre (eczema) and doesn’t make sense we tend to poke fun at it. Think of it this way, normal skin acts as a “protective” barrier keeping toxins out, shielding us from UVA/UVB rays, and locking in moisture.

However, eczema leaves our skin barrier on hiatus. Its approach is more of a “you’re on your own kid,” leaving us to scramble for solutions. Our “protective barrier” is damaged and instead, we get flare-ups, discoloration, itchiness, scars, and so much more.

Over time, our humor naturally developed into a skill set we’ve applied to suppress suffering, trying to make sense of the abnormal.

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