3 Ways Adult Coloring Books Help Benefit Skin Conditions

3 Ways Adult Coloring Books Help Benefit Skin Conditions
3 Ways Adult Coloring Books Help Benefit Skin Conditions

Funny how things in life come full circle. Not too long ago (cough cough) we were in preschool coloring our little hearts out. In the last few years, adult coloring books have made a huge comeback and with it come many benefits. Some of which may actually help if you have a skin condition. Here’s why –

Reduces Stress – skin conditions are the devil… and extremely stressful to maintain. When you’re feeling stressed and have the huge to itch, scratch, pluck or w/e the case may be – studies show by coloring it can help to ease your mind as your focus shifts on intricate colors and bold patterns.

Replaces Negative thoughts – Coloring helps turn your negative thoughts into positive ones in the practice of mindfulness. Actively participating in therapeutic artwork places focus on the project at hand which replaces the negative thoughts from entering our minds.

Tangible Results – If you’re plagued with a chronic skin condition or any sort of incurable condition, coloring allows the mind to have tangible results. In a daily medical article Joke Bradt a music therapist at Drexel University (I’m wondering if they meant to write Jake)a music therapist at Drexel University stated, “People with cancer very often feel like their body has been taken over by the cancer. They feel overwhelmed.” This too can be applied to eczema as we feel trapped in our bodies without a means to an end. Colors lets us know that there will be a beautiful picture waiting for us when we finish coloring.

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