3 Healthy Tonic Recipes

If you’re battling a cold, flu, or any other virus – here are some great healthy tonic recipes, filled with vitamins and antioxidants.

Brad Makes an Anti-Cold Health Tonic

If you aren’t watching Bon Appetit’s food series The Test Kitchen, you should start. I’ve gained so much knowledge by watching Chefs create and test gourmet meals. Brad leone happens to be one of their rock star Chefs who people can’t get enough of. Check out his easy to make Anti-Cold Health Tonic.

Amish Cold & Flu Tonic

Magical Hoof is a DIY YouTube channel filled with healthy recipes and all natural concoctions. If you happen to explore her channel, you’ll find a lot of formulas, capsules, salves and more.

CBD Matcha Tonic (Vegan, Paleo, Gluten-Free) – Thrive Market

If you happened to read my Wellness Trends of 2019 you’ll remember that CBD oil is in. This CBD Matcha Tonic is said to naturally help support your immunity and nervous system (due to the CBD oil).

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