2017 –> 2018

Happy New Years Eve… since I’ve scrolled through pretty much every single quote you can think of, I’ve decided I won’t add to the list. I will just highlight other things instead.

Highlights of 2017
– Working on an awesome campaign, that’s coming out soon!!!
– Interviewing Peter Moffat
– Watching John Turturro talk at The New Yorker Festival
– Having a deep conversation about eczema with Julie Block
– Meeting a lot of incredible people at the events I’ve attended
– Reviewing awesome products that cater to helping itch eczema!

Lows of 2017
Man, 23 took his life after battle with eczema 
and this…

New Years Resolution – Meet/Connect more people that suffer from eczema / atopic dermatitis

Everyone that reads my blog, you guys are INCREDIBLE!!! Cheers to 2018

The Best Is Yet To Come (sorry one cheesy quote won’t hurt).

Happy New Years : ) 

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