20 Plants That Help Improve Indoor Air Quality (And How to Care for Them)

Allergy season is in full effect and for some of us (cough, myself, cough) and it’s worse than ever! Luckily, there are plenty of sources online to help you find a solution, such as indoor plants.

The Neal Estate Team (https://www.ronneal.com/neal-estate-team-listings.php) located in Victoria, British Columbia did a phenomenal write up on 20 plants you’ll want to incorporate into your home.

Not only are the plants absolutely gorgeous, but they serve a few purposes. The most important being managing indoor pollution and improving overall air quality.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS ARTICLE, if you’re on the hunt for the perfect indoor plants, or if want to improve your air quality and allergies!

Source: https://www.ronneal.com/indoor-air-purifying-plants.php

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