2 Instagram Eczema Stories

Cary Grays is a fitness Instagram star from Wales, who decided to open up about life with eczema. This bout of eczema is particularly located on her face. Cary gives a side to side picture of herself in makeup without the eczema flare up and one with her eczema to prove that she is not perfect.


Source – http://www.health.com/beauty/eczema-on-face-instagram-star

Emily Bador from the UK, who has modeled for clothing companies like Ivy Park (Beyonce’s clothing line) also took to Instagram to post a picture showing off her eczema. She wanted people know that she is not perfect and talks about what it took to love her body.

so-called imperfections can’t and shouldn’t dictate your worth. ~ Self.com


Source – http://www.self.com/story/emily-bador-model



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