19 Health & Wellness Trends in 2019

Goodbye 2018. Hello, 2019. As we enter the ‘Year of the Pig,’ I hope everyone had an incredible New Years Eve. Personally, I’m thrilled for 2019 as the ‘Year of the Pig’ and is said to bring wealth!

However, wealth means nothing unless you have your health. And speaking of health, I thought I’d share 19 trends to look forward to in 2019. Let’s check them out.

1. Fresh Food Farmacy

I like walks to the farm… the Fresh Food Farmacy that is! Geisinger Health Care System has rolled out a plan to tackle obesity and diabetes. Their goal is to help patients change their diets and lose weight, by supplying them with free groceries every week. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS!! American’s have horrible eating habits (myself included), and it’s not okay anymore. People are bigger than ever, which will only hurt us as a country if everyone is too sick to contribute. This program is life-changing for patients. Hopefully, they continue to use this concept for children in schools.

2. Home Fitness Revolution

I’m sure you’ve all seen the Peloton commercials with the insanely fit actors, cycling in their gorgeous homes…

While boutique fitness was a huge trend a few years ago, it seems the pendulum has shifted back to home fitness. What makes it different this time are the live fitness classes. Not only will your instructor motivate you in real time, but so will your classmates.

3. Hospital Prices Will Become Public

A new federal requires hospitals to list their prices, to avoid sticker shock most patients receive when it’s time to pay. 2019 is all about transparency and most hospitals are following suit. The last thing we (as patients) need is to hear a story like this…

4. Food Poison Websites

2018 was the year of recalls…food recalls. They’ve recalled romaine lettuce, eggs, beef, vegetable platters, and even goldfish crackers! What in the health is going on? Either way, websites such as iwasposioned.com and FoodSaftey.gov will be some of the go-to websites to make sure the food you consume is safe.

5. CBD Marijuana To Help Relieve Eczema

The National Eczema Association recently published a very informative article on CBD and eczema. One reason people are flocking to this new treatment because of the powerful-anti-itch-effect it’s said to have on inflamed skin. Products such as CBD infused creams, lotions, and oils will be hitting the market full force. And for the record, this form of CBD will NOT get you high.

6. Everything Will Be Plant Based

I came across this company a few months ago. As a meat eater, I’ve never understood the magnitude of destruction that goes into consuming meat. The more I read about Impossible Foods and their mission, the more I want to incorporate more plant-based foods into my diet.

7. Neurodiversity Inclusion

Neurodiversity is a range of differences when it comes to the human genome. Some examples of neurodiversity are autism, ADHD, and dyslexia. A few people you may have heard of such as Winston Churchill, Henry Ford, and Thomas Edison all had a form of neurodiversity. Each year, the acceptance of neurodiversity increases. While it may have gone undiagnosed in the past or even dismissed, there is now a movement for neurodiversity in schools and the workplace.

8. Say Hello To Telehealth

While telehealth isn’t necessarily new, emerging companies are starting to put it on the map. Parent’s this one is for you! TytoCare is a telehealth company that started when Dedi Gilad founder herself visiting the ER all too frequently due to her daughter’s ear infection. If you’ve ever been to the ER, you know that you’ll be waiting quite a while to be seen by a doctor unless you’re in critical condition.

Dedi wanted a simpler way to receive medical treatment for her daughter. So she teamed up with a colleague and TytoCare was born.

9. Edible Insects

Some countries treat insects as a delicacy, while others have become accustomed to them being sold as street food. American chefs have their work cut out for them, but are slowly incorporating insects in meals. Although, I’m sure we’ve had tons of insects in our food that we just didn’t know about.

Linger, a restaurant in Denver has added ants to rice, while chopping crickets and grasshoppers with vegetables.

More importantly, insects are a great option because they’re high in protein and include great health benefits.

10. Less Social Media

I think people are over controversy, being bombarded with advertisements, and the constant need to “keep up.” Social Media is a blessing for some, but it’s also exhausting. In 2019, I see the trend shifting towards people being more strategic with their time on social media. (#NoMoreClickBait)

Cramer had an interesting take as well…

11. Stretching Studios

You know that awful feeling of waking up with a stiff neck? Or throwing your back out when lifting weights? It’s time to start stretching! Move over fitness, because stretching studios are popping up all around the country and will be a huge trend in the years to come.

12. Drugstores Are Saying Goodbye to Cigarettes and Hello to Wellness

NYC is banning the sale of cigarettes in their pharmacies. Instead, pharmacies are jumping on the wellness trends. You’ll start to notice 23andMe kits, soothing bath bombs, and products geared towards gut health and building up the immune system.

13. Easier Access to Medical Records

Apple wants patients to have easier access to their medical records. Technically they came out with this feature in the beginning of 2018, but it started to pick up some steam. In 2019, this may be a go-to for doctors as it helps save them time.

14. Progressive Consumerism

If you are a business owner in 2019, you M U S T be transparent. It’s no longer acceptable for companies to skirt over issues or lie to their customers. Truthful Consumerism is a trend that started a few years ago and continues to this day. With the help of social media, people are now more vocal than ever and one thing they despise are lies. Always be transparent.

15. Affordable Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a Traditional Chinese Medicine that has been practiced for centuries. However, in the US it has become a very expensive practice if your insurance doesn’t cover it. WTHN wanted to make treating the underlying root of heath issues affordable. It’s personalized, modern and most importantly convenient.

16. Non-Drug Pain Treatment

The opioid crisis hit Americans hard, and has people running the other way when it comes to certain medications. Doctors are now looking to non-drug treatments with low risk. Some methods they are looking into are psychological treatments such as CBT (cognitive brain therapy).

17. Wellness Real Estate Boom

As people are being priced out of expensive cities, microcities and community are taking over. Enter the Wellness Real Estate Boom. Due to overdevelopment, many communities are shifting towards the simplifying their life. One community that’s managed to master this is Serenbe, which sits just outside of Atlanta.

18. Trustworthy Wellness Information

Move over fit tummy tea, there’s a new sheriff in town. The health and wellness industry has very relaxed laws when it comes to regulation. A new startup company wants to change that. WellSpoken is a UK company dedicated to trustworthy health and wellness information. Their mission is to make sure consumers are provided evidence-based information that’s authentic.

19. Agrihoods

Communities are turning their cities and suburbs into farms! Dubbed the new golf course, many millennials and Gen Z are getting into farming. People are educating themselves on how to grow their own fruits and vegetables while feeling a sense of belonging within their community.

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