12 Air Purifying Plants That Will Clean Your Air

April showers bring May flowers…and if you have allergies, this could be a nightmare. While there are no escaping flowers in nature, it’s probably best to void them inside the home. Instead, opt for plants.

Groom + Style put out an incredible article detailing 12 air purifying plants that will clean your air of household pollutants.

So what are the 12 plants?

  1. Aloe Vera –
  2. Gerbera Daisies
  3. Areca Palm
  4. Dendrobium Phalaenopsis
  5. Boston Fern
  6. Spider Plant
  7. Snake Plants
  8. Golden Pothos
  9. Chrysanthemums
  10. Peace Lily
  11. Scheffler / Umbrella Tree
  12. Weeping Fig / Ficus Tree

However, listing them isn’t enough. To get a grasp on what they look like, and why they are so helpful, check out the original article. Source – http://groomandstyle.com/air-purifying-plants/

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