20“16” Health Trends!

20“16” Health Trends!
20“16” Health Trends!

Eating healthy is good for the soul, but looks even prettier in a BOWL. Bowls are in, especially ones with acai berries.

Athlete + Leisure = Athleisure. Legging, leggings and more leggings! Skinny jeans seem to be a thing of the past, as everyone is rocking athleisure clothing. Not only does it make you look fit, health and active, but its very versatile. Think Nike, Lululemon, Fabletics, Sweaty-Betty, Athletica… these store are making a killing while jean companies are taking a hit. Seems like jeans are down, but don’t count them out.

Looks like 2016 is the year we bail on kale, and say hello S-E-A-W-E-E-D! Okay, we’re not really bailing on kale but we are going to see a lot more trends involving seaweed so get ready. 

Netflix. Check. Uber. Check. On-Demand Spas….check! Companies are now coming to your home, work or anywhere you’re located for convenience. Its no longer a luxury just for wealthy people as spas, massage therapists, nails, hair, makeup etc. are just a click away.

Minerals – In particular magnesium, which links to improving muscle and body strength. It also, regulates blood pressure and keeps your immune system strong.

DOWN AND GIVE ME TEN! Intensive fitness programs or HIIT (High-intensity interval training) are all the rage. Flywheel Sports / Barry’s Bootcamp / Orange Theory / Cross-fit and lots more. These programs combine nutrition, goal-setting, intense workouts all with the same group or similar group of people.

Beauty boosting beverages. People are now drinking their health using superfood ingredients for glowing skin.

Ommmm. Ommmm. Group Meditation. Instead of going to the bar for drinks, some are going to group mediation centers. Its still gives you the social aspect while gaining the benefits of health, healing and stress relief.  

Matcha Matcha Matcha! Its everywhere because tea is taking over! It gives people a calming, focused energy.

Built In Wellness at Hotels. Stand-up desks, in-room training zones, healthier food and beverage choices. 

Ever heard of adaptogens? Neither have I until reading about them. Its a superherb that helps improve issues related to health. Want to learn more.. watch below. 

Nut Milk is becoming the new cold-pressed juice. Ok maybe not but they are becoming popular. Finding a milk that is all natural emulsifier-free is in. Brands like OMilk are combining nuts such as walnut, cashews, and pistachio to their milk.

Instagram Fitness Celebrities – You know who they are. They post lots of pictures showing off their skills at the gym, their bodies, teas, shakes, healthy meals. Instagram fitness celebrities are the new Richard Simmons and Jane Fonda’s of today. Just check out Jen Selter 

Oil as a go to cleanser. This is nothing new, but brands are getting in on this trend and listing oil as a main ingredient staple. 

The Anti-Diet Diet. Companies are steering clear of strict dieting methods and are introducing a lifestyle wellness instead. Weight Watchers has a new Beyond the Scale which is very different from counting points. This is to help the individual focus on their lifestyle as opposed to a number on a scale. 

Stimulating the brain. Instead of striving for that perfect body many are working out to benefit their brains. 


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