11 Questions with Divine Light Bath Co Founder La Vasha

Name: La Vasha Hines
Company: Divine Light Bath Co.
Product(s): Plant-based bath and body care
Location: Lodi, NJ
Mission: At Divine Light Bath Co. our mission is to provide families with quality, natural and organic skin care to not only improve the quality of their skin but also to help improve their quality of life, by being a part of their daily self-care ritual.

Website: www.divinelightbathco.com
Insta: @Divinelightbathco


11 Questions With Divine Light Bath Co CEO La Vasha 


Let’s get right to it – do you have eczema or any kind of skin condition? If so, explain how you live with it.
I do not have eczema; I do however suffer from acne and have suffered with it since adolescence. Before I opened my own business handcrafting natural products, I turned to over the counter pharmacy skincare, and even under the counter medications to treat my acne. I found that those products stripped my skin of its natural oils and also made my skin very raw and chaffed; now I use natural products including bentonite clay and apple cider vinegar to detox my acne, and Divine Light Bath Co’s Miracle butter to moisturize and lighten the years of hyperpigmentation.


Whew, now that we have that out of the way, tell us about yourself?
My name is La Vasha Hines, I’m 24 years old. I am a mother, wife, entrepreneur and also a nursing student. I was born in New Mexico and Raised in Alaska, and I have lived in many other states. I currently live in New Jersey, where Divine Light Bath Co is based.


Starting a company is difficult, what led you down this path?
Yes!! Starting a company is very difficult, but when you’re passionate about something you somehow find the means to overcome any obstacles or adversity, especially with being a mom and a nursing student. What led me down this path was initially a passing thought I had while sitting in my car one day, and that passing thought turned into a nagging thought as the days went by. I couldn’t sleep; I literally could not focus on anything else until I gave the thought of opening my own business the attention that it deserved. I knew that I wanted to use natural products including essential oils so that women and moms like me could reap the therapeutic benefits from the products.


You mentioned to me you changed your product name from eczema butter to miracle butter. Can you explain the name change?
Initially, the name of the product was Eczema butter. Although I don’t have eczema, I get very dry irritated skin patches in the winter time. During this past winter, I had a few itchy patches on my arm, and after using the blend of butters that I had handcrafted, I noticed the change in my skin within 24 hours. After telling my mom and brother who have been clinically diagnosed with eczema, about my results they also tried the product and saw amazing results Which is why it was initially called eczema butter. After continues use I noticed also that the butter was clearing my blemishes from acne, and my husband noticed beard growth, so I figured if this butter is working for more than just eczema, it’s only fitting to give it another name, and there we came up with Miracle butter.



How much does miracle cost?
Ingredients are a big deal for us, which is why we only use 100% natural and organic plant-based products. We do not use fragrance oils or any artificial pigments. Miracle butter is handcrafted with three luxurious butters that have many benefits other than the ones listed;  Kokum butter derives from a fruit, and it restores skin cells, Shea butter reduces inflammation and soothes the skin, mango butter clears blemishes, heals scars and improves elasticity, Arrowroot powder helps to penetrate the skin deeply and avocado oil also moisturizes deeply and acts as a natural sunblock.


Who is your target audience for miracle butter? (Adults, children, only those with skin conditions etc.)
My target audience is not only those with skin conditions, but also mothers who are busy and often times forget to put themselves first, or forget about their own self care. Mothers, and their families, including babies and small children as our products are safe for the entire family.


#Bringbackmetime is mentioned on your website, why do you think people neglect to take care of themselves?
As someone who has fallen victim to neglecting their own self-care, I think often times we unintentionally neglect our self-care, because we’re busy, we have to manage the kids or were too focused on work, school, marriage and the daily responsibilities of life.


Personally, I’m all about the scent and texture of skincare products. How would you describe this to potential customers who aren’t able to test the product?
Miracle butter is a thick and creamy blend of butters. It is thick but it’s also very lightweight, all of the ingredients are non comodogenic so not to clog your pores. Miracle butter has a very light, earthy and slightly nutty scent. A little goes a very long way, and we will have free samples available on our website in July 2018.



Name your biggest mistake throughout this process –
My biggest mistake during my journey to becoming an entrepreneur happens to be, not having patience and being super excited that I didn’t pay attention to detail often times. It certainly requires a lot of patience and proper planning.


Are there any more exciting products in the works?
Yes, aside from the Miracle butter, I also handcraft soaps and will be having other natural products down the line such as facial scrubs, liquid soaps, and body washes.


What’s your ultimate goal for Divine Light Bath Co?
My ultimate goal for Divine Light Bath Co is to become a staple brand not only in New Jersey but for families all over the world as we assist in their healing, naturally.

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Huge THANK YOU to La Visha for letting me interview you! Wishing you and your company ultimate success.

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