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Skin Scoop

Merry Christmas Eve!!!! Watch this awesome video of the California Philharmonic Dancers… its the Nutcracker like you’ve never seen it before.

// 10 Signs Your House Is Making You Fat \\

  1. Are your cabinets overflowing?
  2. Do you place your apples in the fridge?
  3. Is your thermostat in the 70s?

These could all be contributing factors to weight gain. To see the rest click the article below.,,20857242,00.html

// 4 Spa Treatments That Could Be Dangerous \\

Spas are known for relaxation but there are many dangerous treatments out there that are not regulated. Here are four popular yet dangerous treatments. Cryotherapy, Laser Hair Removal, Colon cleanses, Body Wraps <— If you’re thinking about doing anyone of these click on the article to read why you should research and proceed with cation before going.

// IUD Causing Acne \\

Carly Humbert a 22 year old youtube beauty blogger from Denver, Colorado didn’t get pregnant but receive acne from her IUD instead. After hearing the 100% effectiveness that the IUD could bring, she thought this was a good option for her to use. Carly mentions that the process of an IUD was extremely painful, but she thought it was worth it. She was prepared for the normal cramp that may come with it. However, she didn’t intend on the horrible cystic like acne. Her skin broke out because of the hormones in the IUD. To clear her acne she opted for Accutane which cleared her skin up in a month. She is now terrified to use any other birth control medicine. To see her story, watch the video below.

// The Dry Skin Guide \\

Ggwyneth Paltrow’s Goop did a feature on dry skin. While I would NEVER recommend spending a boat load of money for skin products, she has some informative information. Check it out.

// Darker Skin Care Line \\

Eunice Cofie a Tallahassee native reveals that she was picked on for having darker skin when she was younger. She mentioned name calling and girl pulling her hair and even spit on her. She discovered her love of science through her father. This helped her gain the confidence to go on and win science fairs. She is now the president of a skin care line catering to darker skin called Nuekie. Want to read the rest of her story? Click here

Her website –

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