10-Year-Old bullied over eczema made her want to take her own life – Melbourne, Aus

‘I want to end it all’ ~ 10-Year-Old Leah*

Unfortunately, there’s a growing problem of children with eczema being bullied. This situation happened to be in Australia where one in three infants suffer from eczema.

“She started talking about doing terrible things to herself. We were so worried about her.”

Leah* a ten-year-old student was going through a bad bout of excruciating eczema, covering her entire body. Unfortunately, she was bullied at school on top of this. The bullying she received was so bad, she relocated from Melbourne to Queensland to live with her grandparents.

“The condition had become so bad that Leah was being badly bullied at school, causing her so much distress.

Leah was taken to professional doctors and tried numerous treatments, but to no avail. Eventually, she tested MooGoo after hearing good things about it. This ultimately led to her being able to manage her eczema as it helped clear up her skin.

“I felt terrible all the time and now I finally feel myself again,” Leah said. “The bullying has stopped, and I am not scared to go to school. I really hated to show myself anywhere in public. The eczema is going away and I feel really good now.”

Similar to Leah* story is Alyssa who suffered from bullying and even had to be hospitalized due to a severe eczema infection.

Unfortunately, this led Alyssa to feel depressed and start self-harming. Originally from Australia, her mother sought out treatment for her in New Zealand where she stayed for three months.

She too discovered MooGoo, which was said to help keep her eczema at bay.

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