Upcoming Eczema Study

I have to say, it’s truly becoming the golden era for eczema. As a longtime eczema patient, I can’t stress enough the importance of volunteering

Skin Talk

Happy World Atopic Eczema Day

It’s happening! The eczema movement is growing exponentially and there’s nothing more exhilarating than knowing that voices are louder than ever and people are listening. Today September 14, 2018, OFFICIALLY marks the first ever ‘World

Nanomesh is the Future

I’m always fascinated to see where technology is headed when it comes to our health. Nanomesh is coming in hot for the future of skin tech. Lighter than regular skin cells, completely breathable and flexible, this

Scar Wars

Skin Scoop

Skin is the name, taking care of it is the game. Check out these skin hacks. Why did the tomato go out with the prune? Because he couldn’t find a date! An neither can these vegetables because were apparently not Read More


ELAJ One of the best parts about starting this blog is discovering new companies and having them reach out to you.  Think of ELAJ® as a bridge to carry you over the rough waters. Keep ELAJ® with you at all Read More

Guess Who?

1st Set of Clues… Virgo, Raised Catholic, Expelled from boarding school // I wonder if she still practices? \\ 2nd Set of Clues… First Name means peace or calm in Arabic, Quit college, Their mother was an opera singer // Quit Read More