Skin Talk

Nanomesh is the Future

I’m always fascinated to see where technology is headed when it comes to our health. Nanomesh is coming in hot for the future of skin tech. Lighter than regular skin cells, completely breathable and flexible, this

Scar Wars

Guess Who?

1st Set of Clues… Virgo, Raised Catholic, Expelled from boarding school // I wonder if she still practices? \\ 2nd Set of Clues… First Name means peace or calm in Arabic, Quit college, Their mother was an opera singer // Quit Read More

Skin Scoop

1. Battling Eczema Journey to healing To put it in context, I fought cancer twelve years ago and that was an easier battle to fight, then this eczema with our kids. – Quote from Documentary (at 1:12 mark) This story Read More