Holiday Gift Guide for Health, Skin & Wellness (pt 1)

Holiday Gift Guide For Health, Skin & Wellness (pt 1)

“All I want to Christmas…is (insert Mariah Carey high note) CLEARRRRRR SKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNN”

Ahhh, ’tis the season…for dry skin, colds, coughing and more. Now, I was debating whether to make a holiday gift guide because there are soooooooo many to choose from. But I decided, why not make one for people who suffer or are going through a tough time health wise. As we know, lots of people are sick. From a common cold to topical steroid withdrawal, pneumonia, cancer, kidney failure, heart attacks and a laundry list of other ailments. So I’ve decided to compile a gift list you can give to anyone who happens to be suffering. 

Before I dive into the list there are a couple of things I would like to mention. No worries I’ll bullet point them so its easier to read. 🙂

  • Spending time with your family and friends tops EVERY SINGLE THING ON THIS LIST. It should ALWAYS be your #1 gift. 
  • Please volunteer your time or donate. Many people are not fortunate and don’t have families/friends or if they do they may not get to see them. Remember help comes in all forms and every little bit helps. Regardless if its a local family in your neighborhood or a struggling family in another country.
  • This gift guide is subjective. If you have any of these products and do not like them, please let me know. I will gladly base my judgement on whether to keep it up or take it down. I would love feed back.
  • “She works haaaaaaaaaaard for the money” – and so do I, but no worries I’m not being paid to list any of these products. This is just for me to help you guys out. 🙂
  • This list LONG and would probably be more fun with some background music and a glass of nice wine.
  • Sorry for the horrible grammar. I wrote this during a my bout of insomnia



*Harney and Son Tea – Hot Cinnamon Spice 30 Sachet Tin

my tea
my tea

$5.99 and up
Reason: My Mom went to a taping of The View (this is when it consisted of Barbara Walters, Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg, Elizabeth Hasselbeck and Sherri Shepherd) an
d it was Whoopi Goldberg’s birthday. She had a birthday favorites list and everyone in the audience was lucky enough to go home with everything on that list. Long story short, one of the items happened to be Harney and Son’s hot cinnamon spice tea. HANDS DOWN BEST TEA!! I’ve been drinking it ever since and this was about 4 or 5 years ago. When you purchase from their website they add a bunch of sample flavors like mint and green tea.
*Bonus: Target now carries it (another reason why I love Target)

$ – Pricing depends on the amount and kind of medication. No additional cost for shipping or handling. Monthly payments. For more payment info click here
Reason: When I heard about this company I thought it was a great concept for people who have a hard time going to their local pharmacy. Pillpack not only delivers prescriptions to your door, they individualize and sort each pack to your liking. In addition, they place the pills in plastic bags with the time your medicine should be taken. You just rip off the package you need for that day and place it in your bag. Great gift for someone who may have trouble or is too sick to drive around town. Or if you have children and want to supply the school with a weeks worth of medicine for them to carry. The possibilities are endless.

LunchBots Duo with Dots Bento Box
Reason: This bento box has an absolutely beautiful stainless steel design thats split into two sections. So anyone can fill this up with a salad on one side and the protein such as chicken on the other. Great for people who don’t like their food to touch. They also have a large selection of different designs as well.

ThoughBlossom Gold Medical Alert Bracelet (customize)
Reason: For anyone that has an highly important medical condition that may require attention right away. This would be a nice gift for older parents or grandparents. It lets the medical staff, first responders or outsiders know the preexisting condition which will help aid them in a time of need. These bracelets are absolutely beautiful with a gold material. You can customize it with any medical information you need. The video below helps you measure your wrist for the bracelet. 

$20 (min) – Gift Card
Reason: I’ve heard great things about this company. I think this would be a great gift for an expecting mother who is plagued with morning sickness and put on bed rest, someone who is coming home from a rehabbed injury or possibly someone who is just too sick go food shopping. FreshDirect delivers groceries straight to your doorstep. The person can go online and pick out the food/beverage and set up a delivery time and date.
*Locations: NY, NJ, Connecticut, Delaware, Hamptons. Check this website to see if they delivery near you ( For those not located in this area or out of the country there are lots of other grocery delivery places that are similar to FreshDirect, nothing a little Google search can’t find for ya.

GoStak BlenderBottle
Reason: Two words – portion control. Is someone you know a snacker? Did the doctor tell them to eat healthier? This is the perfect shape for brings snacks on the go. it breaks down into 4 different compartments. It can be filled with vitamins/pills, fruits/veggies, nuts/trail mix, dips & spreads, travel items and more. Its simple, compact and versatile. 

Kombucha Basic Home Brew Kit
Reason: I would only recommend purchasing this if you know someone who drinks Kombucha. Every morning I drink GT’s organic raw Kombucha. It gives me lots of energy and helps aid digestion and gut health. So to actually brew it yourself would be a pretty awesome gift. (Again this is for people who already drink it)

Modern Sprout – Kitchen Herb Kit
Reason: Its always best to grow your own food. Why not give someone a kit who has expressed interest in this area. Its healthy and not filled with pesticides/non-GMO. It comes with seeds, self-watering planter, mason jars and is reusable (of course you can also DIY for someone if you don’t want to buy this).

Define | Bottle Fruit Infused Water
$8 and up
Reason: As a HUGE fan of Shark Tank this product caught my eye with its sleek design. This water infused bottle is a great alternative to drinking a sugary soda or juice. It uses a middle piece to strain the fruit and is BPA free. I’m actually purchasing this for my mom…shhhhh!


Amir Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser Ultrasonic
Reason: For those that are stressed out, have trouble with allergies or extremely dry skin this is helpful gift. This diffuser changes colors with an LED light and is known for making minimal noises. Keep it in any room of your house, bring it into the office, or even on the go.

$79-$179.99 / free shipping / 10%
Reason:  Has someone ever expressed they want live a healthier lifestyle? This ‘extractor’ is great for blending up foods that will help someone become with digestive issues. Also, it’s very versatile. You can make healthy smoothes, soups, juices, desserts etc. I have the *Magic Bullet and I absolutely LOVE it. And the clean up is easy, breezy.

Kokoon (pre-order for 2016)
Reason: When someone is going through a serious illness, sleep becomes difficult when they have to deal with constant pain. As an insomniac myself (I even have a section on my blog titled Insomniac Confessions) who usually wakes up from pain, this could be a wonderful gift. I’m always on Kickstarter looking at innovative creations and happened to stumble upon this one. Kokoon is a sleep sensing headphone created by Tim Antos who didn’t want to turn to pills or earplugs to help fall asleep. Its also great for those who travel on trains, planes, boats etc. Tim explains how they work (much better than I can) in the video below. Check it out

*Doesn’t come out until 2016, but still a great gift.

Sunbeam Xpress Heating Pad
Reason: Stiff muscle, achy joints, stress relief and overall pain. I LIVE for my heating pad. It feels so good on sore achy muscles. So for anyone going through physical pain, this would be very helpful. It heats up in 30 seconds and hits all those sore spots.


Color Therapy: An Anti-Stress Coloring Book
Reason: An adult coloring book will bring out the kid in anyone. This is a great way to relief stress by keeping your mind focused on a beautiful artwork. You would be surprised how time flies by working on this project. No worries, it ok if one can only draw stick figures. You don’t need to be a world renown artist. Give this to the creative art lover who is stressed or on best rest. I’m sure they will appreciate the ease of illustration. Large variety of books.

Paint By Number Kit
Reason: Similar to the one above its a great way to pass the time when you’re in pain. I find painting to be very relaxing, even more so then coloring. I’ve done these numerous times and always found it relaxing.


Gym membership or a gift card for group classes (yoga, pilates, meditation, spin classes etc.)
$ – Varies on your location
Reason: A sense of community, encouragement, inspiration, motivation and overall health. Gifting someone with a gym membership or group classes is a great tool for someone who needs a boost in every and improving their physical activity. Taking spin classes myself I’ve met some of the most incredible people and have built lasting friendships. You meet people who have battled cancer, strokes, lost limbs and more. I say this is a winner.
*Please Note – Its important to know ahead of time if the recipient actually likes fitness, you don’t want to insult them if they don’t workout.

Trigger Point Foam Roller
Reason: I’ve used this one personally and LOVED it. It feels amazing on sore muscles and acts as a massager. Very comfortable on the body, helps release tight muscles and lower back pain. Very durable.

Yoga By Numbers
Reason: Anyone who is too intimidated by an actual yoga studio. Let face it, yogi’s have thee most incredible bodies and are very comfortable showing off their perfected headstand. Meanwhile, some of us can even touch our toes. So why not learn it on your own until your comfortable going to an actual studio. The mat includes numbers to help guide you. You can use the DVD teaching or whip our your iPad if you have one and download the app.

Lululemon Bag
$ Prices Vary
Website:;USwomen;accessories;bags <— Women’s bags;USmen;accessories;bags <— Men’s bags
Reason: I didn’t list any specific bag because Lululemon only has a bag available until they run out. Mean they don’t repeat any of their bags. But there bags are very well built and come with lots of pockets. It would make for a great gym bag, hospital bag, or any and everything in between. They are very versatile and come in all different shapes, colors and sizes.


Carol’s Daughter
$ Prices Vary
Founder: Lisa Price – starting making products in her kitchen because she loved the smell of fragrant.
Reason: Any Carol’s Daughter product would make for a fabulous gift. The whole line is made up of great quality and isn’t infused with a million different chemicals. I have a bunch of your products myself and I’m never disappointed. The hair milk conditioner in particular is one of my favorites. It leaves my hair soft and refreshingly clean. On the Carol’s Daughter website they even have a section for “VERY DRY SKIN,” which lets me know they speak my language. Creating a small gift basket of Carol’s Daughter’s products would make a thoughtful gift.

S.W. Basics
$ Prices Vary
Founder: Adina Grigore grew up with sensitive skin and couldn’t find anything that worked well for her skin.
Reason: I wrote about S.W. Basics before a couple weeks ago. I was inspired by Adina’s story and love how she created her line. Her moto is use a few ingredients as possible or minimalist skincare. This would be a great gift for those with sensitive skin.

Simple Sugars
$ Prices Vary
Founder: Lani Lazzari suffered from eczema and was determined to find a cure. She started this company at the age of 11 and its been going strong ever since.
Reason: I wrote about Simple Sugars a few months back because I saw her episode of Shark Tank (my favorite show). Her episode and story are truly inspiring. Again she used very basic ingredients for the sugar scrub. The smell of this scrub is out of this world. I’m sure anyone with sensitive skin around their hands will love this.

The Eczema Company
$ Prices Vary
Founder: Jennifer Roberge’s son Tristan was diagnosed with eczema at 3 months old. It was so bad it covered 90% of his body. In addition, he had many food allergies. So she decided to create The Eczema Company to help eczema sufferers. She also runs a blog called It’s an Itchy Little World.
Reason: Its all in the name… The Eczema Company. If anyone suffers from eczema, skin rashes, psoriasis etc. this is the perfect website to purchase gifts for care packages. Check out her funny video of Stuff Eczema Mamas say below. 

$ Prices Vary
Founded: 1851, Went through multiple owners who have kept the tradition alive
Reason: You can go wrong with Kiehl’s it such a top quality brand. My favorite is lip balm of course. It’s one of the best ones out there. It started out as a small family pharmacy and has kept the legacy of quality products alive. They also have a holiday gift section to help you choose.
*Bonus: They have a recycle rewards program.

Calvin Therapy Soak Mint Green Tea – Epsom Salt
Reason: Sooooooo relaxing. I use this all the time in the bath. Its smells heavenly as well. I highly recommend purchasing this as a gift and maybe throw in a loofah as well.

Reason: Although pricey Aquaphor is simply the best. It really seals in moisture and last for hours. Anyone that suffers from dry cracked and irritated skin could use this bad boy.

Reason: Holy grail of creams and lotions although Cetaphil is extremely expensive, it works! It would be a great gift to put in a skin care holiday basket.

Stay tuned for part II…..

Happy Shopping 🙂

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