Holiday Gift Guide Part 2

Holiday Gift Guide Part II

If you didn’t see part 1… go check it out



Spa Kit Labels (printable)
$ Free (labels are free) Materials for spa prices vary.
Blogger: Lia Griffith – a graphic designer and master DIYer.
Reason: Lia Griffith is an awesome website where she shares lots of DIY projects and crafts. After reading her DIY printable labels for a spa I though how incredible would it be to create a homemade natural spa kit (like in the picture above) for a loved one.

Bath Salts:
Face Scrub:
Coconut Oil Makeup Remover:
Lip Balm:
Body Butter:
Body Scrub:
*Her website is incredibly inspiring. Check it out.

DIY Cold Remedies + Cough Drops + Tea
$ Varies
Vlogger: AprilAthena7
Youtube Channel:
Reason: Vlogger April made an very cute video for DIY remedies for anyone suffering from a cold. I absolutely love the homemade cough drop idea and I’m sure others would too. In addition, the TLC in a mason jar is too cute. I’m sure anyone who is sick would really appreciate this. Check it out.

$ Varies
Blogger: Jill/Jillee
Reason: Jill who runs the blog One Good Thing has a way of making crafts stand out and looks beauitful. I stumbled across her Gifts In A Jar pages and thoughts what a beautiful yet simple gift idea. It was her TLC in a jar picture that got me. I knew I had to write this down as one of the ideas for a holiday gift. Check out her website, she’s got a lot more great things she features.

Year’s Worth Of Laundry Soap For $30!
$ Varies
Blogger: Jill/Jillee
Youtube Channel:
Reason: The second item I really wanted to list on this gift guide from Jillee is her years worth of laundry soap. If anyone has sensitive skin this is a great alternative(make sure they aren’t allergic to any of the ingredients used in the video). This is a brilliants idea and such a neat gift. I’m sure no one would expect a years worth of homemade laundry soap. It could really help someone cut down on their bills. Especially if they have been in and out of the hospital or doctors offices. As we know its literally cost and arm and a leg to stay healthy. Check out Jillee’s video below.

homemade vicks shower bombs

Homemade Vicks Shower Bomb Recipe
$ – Varies
Blog: Taking Time For Mommy
Reason: Vicks acts as a miracle worker. It truly is one of the best products for congestions for anyone of all ages. What’s better than Vicks? How about a homemade version of it! This blog gives you the step-by-step on how to make Vicks bombs to drop onto your shower floor. Its a gift for those who has sinus and congestion issues.

Happiness Jar
$ – Cost of a Jar, colorful paper, and pen
Blogger: Heather
Blog: Mommypotamus
Reason: There are many creative ways to use the happiness jar. My thoughts for this gift would be to give it to someone who is recovering from a tough illness or injury. You can purchase a beautiful jar with funky colored paper (colorful is key) and some markers. They can write down a happy thought or track the miraculous progress they have made through the healing journey. For example – Was able to walk a full mile without any pain. Best part about this gift is its unique, creative and affordable.


Founder: Created by 11 year old Bella Grace, youngest of 5, who lost her father to suicide
Reason: When I watched the video, I couldn’t help but cry. This beautiful brave young girl was inspired by her father’s death and her brother leaving off to college. Open When is a mini care package of letters, they each have a different topic on each letter. The idea is for the recipient to open the letter when they going through that emotion. A few examples are – Open when you are stressed out, open when you can’t sleep, open when you’ve had a bad day. This is such a thoughtful gift and shows that even though you may not be with them at the time, you’re there with them in spirit and through the letter. 

What I Love About You by Me Book
Reason: Just to cheer someone up. We all go through ups and downs purchasing this book, filling it out and giving it to a love one is a sweet sentimental gift.
*Bonus – Why You’re So Awesome by Me Book

Dogeared Necklaces
$12 and up
Founder: Marcia Maizel-Clarke
Reason: When a family member lost two loved ones within one week of each other I knew I had to do something special. So I made them a care package and one of the items I included was a necklace from Dogeared. Their jewelry is not only beautiful but it believes good things happen. Its more about the support, strength, milestones and encouragement. They have a huge line of different pieces that are sure to make a great gift. *I think I bought her the you are mighty or the strength necklace

My Life Story – So Far
Reason: If I could go back, I would have used this books to learn more about my grandparents. This books would be wonderful to give a elder relative such as grandparents. It lets you spend quality time with them, while they reminisce on what their life was like in the olden days. Which clearly is a world of a difference from today.

Course Horse (Only in NY, CHI, LA but they do have an online section)
$ Prices Vary
Reason: For someone who is stuck in a rut, stressed out, or coming off a serious illness this would make a nice gift. Course Horse is a website that lists classes in all different subjects from architecture to learning a new language. It lets you explore new horizons and lets you check off a notch on that bucket list. They have over 70,000 courses from top educators. This gift is sure to be a hit for anybody. 


$ Vary
Reason: Now for this you will have to do your research. Although this may be random, I think everyone could always use a good vacuum. For those who suffer from allergies, dust mites or any other illness this would come in handy. I didn’t want to make an recommendations because it really up to what works best for a person situation. Whether they live in a tiny apartment, bungalow  or mcMansion. But again, this would really be a thoughtful gift as vacuum cleaners tend to not last.

Molly’s Suds
Reason: For anyone that has sensitive skin. They are wool dryer balls and last up to 1,000 loads. Also, for those that don’t use dryer sheets (really bad for skin, way too many chemicals). Great for towels, comforters, clothing, baby laundry etc.

5 Best Organic Bedding (Via Apartment Therapy Website)
$ Varies


Reason: For anyone who has trouble sleeping or in chronic pain. We all know how important sleep is. What’s better than to receive a nice set of organic sheets for an achy body? I truly think many people underestimate how valuable sleep is. If there is one thing to splurge on its sheets. So to gift someone with a nice set, you can’t go wrong.

*Seventh Generation & Mrs. Meyer

$ Vary
Websites: and
Reason: I’m going to recommend any of their products. They have a great line clean products. It would be nice for anyone who is allergic to harsh chemicals and may not have time for the DIY projects.
*I actually use the Mrs. Meyer lemon verbena. I would recommend only using a tiny dab of it because the odor is very strong.


I Heart Guts
$ Prices Vary
Founder: Wendy Bryan Lazar – (inspired by a broken heart, bad hookups, drinking and smoking)
Reason: Educates kids about their internal organs. Also, if a child is going through an illness involving that specific organ, gifting them with a stuffed organ is sure to put a smile on their face.  Some of the organs include – placenta, tonsils, heart, liver, tooth, brains and you guessed it SKIN (my personal fav). This could also be used as a gift for adults (you’d be surprised, they may really enjoy this).

The Storymatic Kids!
Founder: Brian Mooney (a teacher and writer)
Reason: Recently I spoke to a mom who told me about her young child suffering for severe eczema. She expressed to me that the toughest struggle is for her son to stop scratching. This made me think of Storymatic kids. Its a great game for creativity, word skills and most importantly a distraction. When children suffer or are in chronic pain, its important for them to focus their attention elsewhere. By creating stories not only will they be focused on using their imagination, it will slightly distract them for the suffering.

Giant Microbes
$ Prices Vary
Reason: Giant Microbes similar to I heart Guts are stuff animals that are tiny microbes. It teaches children the importance of hand-washing and becoming familiar with different body parts. Some stuffed animals include – anthrax, bed bugs, cancer, cavities, chickenpox etc. Its great to teach kids about health at an early age so they are mindful of it when they become older.

A Kids Recipe Binder
$ Free
Reason: For kids who suffer from severe food allergies. Teach your children the importance of food but creating a recipe binder. Whether your kid suffers from nuts, gluten, dairy, etc. The binder also has sections for meal planning. So anytime its a rainy/ snowy day or your kids have off, whip out the binder and make some meals.

Camp Wonder
$ Free
Reason: I wrote about Camp Wonder a few months ago. Its dedicated for those with serious chronic or life threatening skin conditions. Through the generosity and kindness of sponsors and donors, they paid for an all expenses. Yes, this includes the plane tickets. Its truly and awesome program for those that can’t experience ‘normal’ activities due to their condition. Read more about it on their website.

Sticky Medical
$ Varies
Reason: For children with severe medical needs. This will help medical staff/others understand the preexisting condition of the child. This website has a huge selections of cute bracelets for your little one to wear.

Stocking Stuffers

Kama Pootra
Reason: For those that are constipated and have a sense of humor. Get this book! Its sure to bring some entertainment into their lives while on the loo.

Reason: Stay healthy with these exercise cards. Perfect for a stocking stuffer or a secret santa gift. Both for men and women.

Aromatherapy Eye Pillow, Hot/Cold
Reason: Great stocking stuffer for someone who suffers from headaches, stress, lack of sleep or just wants to relax.

Accoutrements Crime Scene Bandages
$7.17 and up
Reason: For those that always cut themselves. Its just a funny gag gift.

Doctors/Nurses/Medical Staff

If you are a practical joker. If you live at the doctors office or in hospitals and have a good relationship with them here are some funny gifts.

Little Buddies Action Figures
Reason: Although a bit pricy, remember this is custom made so a lot of hard work and sweat equity go into this. For that nurse, doctor or special caretaker in your life. People who have chosen the medical field are truly magical. You can never repay someone for saving your life. These professionals perform operations from brain surgery to liver transplants. An of course they could not do it without the help of their staff. If you’ve become exceptionally close to a nurse, doctor or anyone in the medical field this is the gift for them. They are truly heroic and deserve something special.

Gift Card – Starbucks/Dunkin Donuts/Local Coffee or Tea Shop
In the medical field, professionals sometimes work around the clock and good boost of caffeine will always be appreciated.

Paradise Pen
$ Prices Vary
Reason: Doctors, Nurses and Medical Professionals are always writing and signing things off. Something I’ve noticed from visiting so many doctors offices, they are VERY particular with the pens they carry. I’ve notice they do NOT like the cheap pens. So why not gift them with a beautiful pen. Paradise Pen’s has a great selection of pens for all price ranges (look around the website for the reasonably priced pens, I know some are extremely pricey). I’m sure they will surely appreciate the genuine gift.

Thats the list. Happy Shopping!

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