Best Fabrics for People with Eczema

Credit: iStock Fall is here and that means sweater weather is upon us! As the cooler season approaches (depending on where you’re located), we say goodbye to our light and airy summer clothing, and hello to fall fashion. Now, what’s better than enjoying the fall foliage with a cup of fresh apple cider (or a […]

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Leaders In Eczema Forum Went Off Without An… ITCH!

Well… maybe there was some itching! We laughed, we cried, we vented our frustration and lets be honest…we itched. Nevertheless it was an incredibly inspiring opportunity, bring together expert doctors, patients, parents and people from all different walks of life. More importantly, heavy topics were analyzed and discussed. The Leaders in Eczema Forum took place […]

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Eczema and Me | 28 and Counting

If there’s one thing I aim to do with my blog, its bring you real life stories of those who suffer skin conditions. Everyday I read through articles or watch videos and I am truly amazed. People sharing their stories from all over the world is such a beautiful thing to witness. Recently, I came […]

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Exciting Announcements and Castings

*EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENTS, CASTINGS, AND OVERALL GREAT OPPORTUNITIES*  Starting Fall 2017 off with a bang! *If you’re on this page, make sure to get involved and SPREAD THE WORD. As we know eczema / atopic dermatitis is VERY ISOLATING, so now’s your chance to GET INVOLVED! Recently, there have been some epic opportunities that have been […]

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5 Ways To Prevent Eczema From Turning Into A Rash

Women’s Health Magazine featured a very informative article about preventing eczema from turning into that itch-scratch-rash cycle, during the cooler Fall and Winter months. Here are a few tips – Moisturize! Choose a formula that’s have hydrating ingredients such as shea butter. Don’t even think about picking up a scented formula and use mild soap […]

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