Month: March 2018

Camp Wonder!!

Camp Wonder!! Love Love Love this! If your child(red) or someone you know is battling a skin condition, have them sign up for Camp Wonder! It’s sponsored by the Children’s Skin Disease Foundation, making it 100% free to attend (including travel costs, if you don’t live in California). Since we recognize that these families already […]

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BIOHM – Gut Report Kit

I’ve been doing a lot of research on gut health and happened to stumble across the Gut Report Kit. Before we get into what this kit is, let’s talk about the company BIOHM. Dr. Ghannoum is a scientist who coined the term Mycobiome, the fungal community in our body. He also recently discovered that bacteria and […]

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Barcroft Media Is Taking The Documentary World By Storm

As someone who LOVES watching/reading/listening to different stories, Barcroft Media TV has been dominating in storytelling. In fact, I’m pretty sure it’s one of the most inclusive and diverse Media/News platforms today! Everyone struggles in life, but only certain adversities are deemed “worthy” enough to tell. With Barcroft, not only are you watching true stories […]

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An Eczema Sufferer Looks to Reiki for Healing

I’ve never heard of Reiki, let alone it helping eczema until I read this article. Ashley Pang who lives in Hong Kong suffered from eczema from a very young age. Having tried many different Western Medicines such as topical steroids, anti-allergy meds, antihistamines and supplements – she was getting nowhere. Her condition was so bad […]

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Sweet Cecily’s Natural Skincare Company

In 2010, some of us were racking up college debt (cough, me, cough) while others were in the midst of launching their skin care company. Hailing from the UK, Sweet Cecily’s was founded by brother and sister duo Cecily and Hugo who were already running a natural product company. Having suffered from troublesome skin, they […]

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