Month: February 2018

Cheryl Lee MD | Ultimate Eczema Kit

Cheryl Lee Eberting is a M.D., Board Certified Dermatologist based in Utah who founded the sensitive skincare line CherylLeeMD®. Passionate about helping people Cheryl wanted to invent a product that anyone and everyone could use. However, she noticed a huge void in the marketplace for those with dry skin. There weren’t many products without toxins and […]

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Black Panther | Let’s Talk Skin

Sold Out Signs Lines Wrapped Around The Building Understaffed Movie Theater Employee Having A Public Meltdown / Panic Attack & Hyperventilating A Young Girl Scolding A Group Of Ten Year Olds For Cutting The Line Then Her Mom Scolding The Same Group Of Ten Year Olds Until They Left The Line Staff Opening The Theater […]

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Skin Creams Containing Paraffins Linked To Hundreds of Deaths

“This girl is on FIREEEEEEEEEEEEE…” literally! Ya know, I’ve always said living with eczema/psoriasis is like a living heLL… welp! A new study came out about skin creams containing paraffins that have been linked to deaths. (ummmm WHAAAAATTTTTT) Fire services warned – anything absorbed in creams containing paraffins (bedsheets, clothing, bandages) can become flammable! It […]

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The Eczema Detox

Karen Fischer who’s based in Sydney, Australia is a nutritionist who daughter was diagnosed with eczema at the age of two. With her knowledge in nutritional biochemistry, she was able to navigate a diet and supplement based routine that helped her daughter’s eczema. This book is geared towards all ages and will help you cut your […]

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Baby Steps: Proactive Ways to get Involved in the Eczema Community for 2018

*Check out the slideshow version of my article here “It’s officially 2018, and among the weight and travel resolutions I hear all around me, or the people that are swearing they are done with resolutions altogether, I find myself wondering again if this will be the year when someone finds a cure for eczema. Wouldn’t […]

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