Month: September 2017

Eczema and Me | 28 and Counting

If there’s one thing I aim to do with my blog, its bring you real life stories of those who suffer skin conditions. Everyday I read through articles or watch videos and I am truly amazed. People sharing their stories from all over the world is such a beautiful thing to witness. Recently, I came […]

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Exciting Announcements and Castings

*EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENTS, CASTINGS, AND OVERALL GREAT OPPORTUNITIES*  Starting Fall 2017 off with a bang! *If you’re on this page, make sure to get involved and SPREAD THE WORD. As we know eczema / atopic dermatitis is VERY ISOLATING, so now’s your chance to GET INVOLVED! Recently, there have been some epic opportunities that have been […]

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5 Ways To Prevent Eczema From Turning Into A Rash

Women’s Health Magazine featured a very informative article about preventing eczema from turning into that itch-scratch-rash cycle, during the cooler Fall and Winter months. Here are a few tips – Moisturize! Choose a formula that’s have hydrating ingredients such as shea butter. Don’t even think about picking up a scented formula and use mild soap […]

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