Month: July 2017

Leaders in Eczema One-Day Forum DENVER 2017

Lets face it, eczema is extremely FRUSTRATING! There’s no cure (yet), and you’re constantly bombarded with information overload. You probably feel like you don’t have a voice. Which is a problem in and of itself. And here I am presenting you with more information, as you’re probably wondering – what in the world is Leaders […]

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7 Workouts Messing With Your Skin

This is a great article from The Greatist that highlights problem skin when working out and gives solutions. Problem – A cluster of acne. This occurs when dead skin, dirt and oil get trapped. Solution – Shower immediately after exercising, to prevent build up. Use products with retinoid or salicylic acid. If you can’t shower right […]

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Buzzfeed Article – 9 Products That People With Eczema Recommend You Try

Alternate laundry detergent  Non-Steroidal Cream Silk Gloves – A Gentle Wash Cream – An Oatmeal Based Product – All Natural Balm – Check out Etsy shops Genius Sleeves (for babies) – Eye Cream – All Over Cooling and Soothing Cream – Source –

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