Month: June 2017

Dry Skin Brushing and its Benefits

Dry brushing is excellent for: Getting rid of dead skin cells Boosting circulation Stimulating Lymph nodes Improving Digestion Cellulite Getting rid of wasteful toxins Here are some videos that explain dry brushing in depth… Source –     

Benefits of Eating Seaweed

A member of the algae family, seaweed is packed with nutrition! Here are just some of the benefits: Vitamin A Vitamin C Calcium May help osteoarthritis Loaded with iodine – which helps maintain a healthy thyroid Helps regulate estrogen and Read More

La Nue Body Bar (Etsy)

Angela Thomas spent YEARS researching ingredients that would work on eczema, due to her great niece suffering from the condition.  Her motivation led her to come up with a solution. Thus La Nue Body Bar was born. Her products cater to Read More