Month: May 2017

5 Things You Should Never Say to Someone With Eczema

Inspired by the awesome article – as eczema is a very frustrating condition!!! 1) Is it contagious? 2) At least its not 3) OMG! Were you in a fire? What Happened? 4) You should start using antibacterial soap 5) Have you tried this medicine? This article is hilarious and I’d advice you to take a look […]

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Sunscreen vs Sunblock – What You Should Know

Please Please Please where some form of protection. Skin cancer is very common and often does undetected. Regardless of melanin level EVERYONE should wear sunscreen or sunblock. Sunscreen chemical – absorbs into the skin and absorbs UV rays to protect from the sun Also, chemical uses chemical UV filters  UVA – the A stands for […]

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Burn Victims Saved by “Magic” Skin Gun

Scientists have created a device that sprays stem cells onto burn victims wounds. This results in rapid skin growth, and sometimes in as little as four days. Before this technology, burn victims would have to wait weeks or months for a skin graph, involving large sheets of skin. Not only is this process painful, but it […]

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