Month: November 2016

11 Homemade Avocado Masks

11 Homemade Avocado Face Masks For Acne & Glowing Skin

Always Healthy Living is an incredibly informative blog created by Sandra Dean who is a qualified biochemist. A while back I happened to stumble upon her article about Avocado Masks and felt I had to share it once more. Some of the benefits of avocados Rich and vitamins and nutrients help soothe dry and irritated skin has […]

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I Looked Like A Monster


37 year-old Melanie Lynch from Birmingham (UK) started in using steroid creams since she was a toddler (like many of us) Ever since then, she’s been using steroids for over three decades which made her skin worse She made the decision to stop steroid treatment (smart decision) !!! Due to this she withdrawal Melanie went […]

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Six Year Old’s Rare Birthmark


I happened to come across this beautiful story about a six year old named Matilda… Matilda Callaghan a six year old girl from Leigh, Greater Manchester was born with a rare birthmark that covers three-forths of her face. This condition is called Sturge-Weber syndrome and in order keep it from spreading, requires treatment. Unfortunately, treatment is […]

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7 must know facts for eczema

7 Must Know Facts For Eczema

1. Eczema is…. Yes that correct… eczema is extremely popular!!! about 31.7 million Americans have it. 2. One of the causes is the alternation of skin. Our skin allows water to escape and environmental allergens to enter. 3. We all know Scratching makes it worse!! Try not to do it. 4. The environment plays a […]

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